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Pastor Job Description

Job Type: Full-Time

Job Description/Pastoral Responsibilities:

  • Oversee pastoral staff.

  • Provide leadership and vision for the church. Direct plans for ministry and church growth; develop
    and fine-tune the church structure based on the Team philosophy of ministry.

  • Motivate, equip, and nurture the people of the church through example, preaching, and teaching
    God’s Word and spiritual counseling.

  • Spend significant time in prayer and Bible study.

  • Contact/visit hospitalized or grieving church members.

  • Officiate at weddings and funerals.

  • Provide premarital counseling, counseling regarding salvation and spiritual issues, and other counseling for church members.

  • Lead in performing ordinances of Communion and baptism.

  • Oversee church discipline and manage conflict in the church. Seek to reconcile relationships and promote unity within the church.

  • Participate in evangelism efforts through preaching and giving invitations during worship services, revival or other special services, visitation, and other outreach efforts.

Ministry Overview:
The purpose of Progressive Missionary Baptist Church is to present Jesus Christ as the savior to the community and the world through worship, education, fellowship, service, and personal life, as God's only answer to the moral and spiritual plight of mankind; recognizing and accepting Christ as our supreme Lord and lawgiver, and taking His word as our only and sufficient rule of faith and practice in all matters of conscience and religion. The Progressive Missionary Baptist Church currently has an active membership of roughly 120 members.


  • Be a licensed and ordained minister in the Baptist faith.

  • Be a visionary with sound judgment and discernment.

  • Have a minimum of 5 years (at least 10 years preferred) of pastoral experience.

  • Have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited College/University and Theological Seminary training (firmly preferred).

  • Possess effective communication skills (written and oral).

  • Demonstrate financial awareness and responsibility.

  • Committed to continuing education and development.

  • Demonstrate ability to work effectively with a congregation across all ages of males and females.

  • Possess effective administration skills and ability to organize and lead staff.

  • Three letters of recommendation (clergy, layperson, and personal).

  • Copies of license, ordination, and transcripts of educational accomplishments.

Doctrinal Beliefs: We believe in and are governed by the 19 articles of the Baptist faith as outlined in the church bylaws.  A copy of the articles of faith can be provided upon request.

Application Process: To apply for this position, please submit the following information:

  • Resume

  • Copy of license, ordination certificate, degrees, and other relevant certificates

  • A video presentation of recent sermons and/or Bible teaching (DVD, Video File, Link to Streamed content such as a YouTube channel, or website)

 This information can be submitted in one of two methods:

  1. Attach the required information above and send it to the email address:


  1. Send the information via postal mail to:

Progressive Missionary Baptist Church

c/o Pastoral Search Committee

2945 Bales Avenue

Kansas City, MO 64128


Contact Information: For general questions or clarity about the application process, please contact:

Jeffrey Matthews                                               Perry Gardenhire             OR     

(816) 352-0101                                                   (816) 797-8702


Interview/Selection Process: Each applicant’s information (resume, credentials, etc.) will be carefully reviewed for consideration.  Candidates deemed a potential fit by the committee will be asked to proceed with an interview. Once the interviews of candidates have been completed, a shortlist of candidates will be selected by the committee.  The shortlist of candidates will then be asked to prepare/present a sermon(s) and teach a lesson.  Once sermons and lessons have been completed, recommendations of candidates will be presented to the church, to cast votes for the next pastor.

Compensation: Benefits, salary, and other financial details will be discussed and determined in the latter stages of the selection process.  Total compensation will be competitive and commensurate with experience.

Disclaimer: This job posting is subject to change or removal at the discretion of the Progressive Missionary Baptist Church leadership.  Closing Date: All candidate applications must be received on or before the end of day 11/10/2023 to be included for consideration.  Late or incomplete submissions (per the required information listed in the Application Process) may not be considered for inclusion.

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